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That was really frustrating! I needed all of the hints.  I had a lot of fun playing it!!!

This is a really fun concept, I'm just super stuck at level two. I've clicked every combo I can think of and am just spinning in frustration circles. Any hints would be lovely, because I'd really like to play through this fully.

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Frankly, I'd probably read the rest of the comments for this game, I've given out a whole bunch of hints there.

This game isn't exactly fresh in my mind (I have started a stability/completion update but I've got a lot going on) so I don't remember the solutions that well.

I think the solution to level 2 is stupidly simple, but you need to reveal a certain word before it ends up being possible.


Very puzzling and very creative concept, I loved it.

ok guys, i've been trying to escape room 2 for 24hs now. i've organized a spreadsheet to find all possible combinations between words, but i'm still stuck here. Any extra hints?

the solution is only 6 letters (and a space) long.

i cannot believe i hadnt tried that one before!!! thanks!

ha ha I couldn't get out of room one. I clicked a few things and it said it didn't understand. I bet if I devoted a few more minutes I would figure out the first room


interesting game, I'd like to see more of it

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any extra hints for level 3? i think ive exhausted all my ideas and tried them 10 times over


The [spoiler] is not what a normal [spoiler] would look like. Can you make it like a normal [spoiler] again?

any other hints? It's still super hard



The banana is in two halves. What word would you use to make the banana whole?


This was a really good game, wish it was longer!


holy hell this is hard

Like all puzzle games, it's hard until it's not :p

General tip is find all the verbs in the sentences, then try them with everything.

Specific tips have been commented by me all around the place.